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Types of data that are available:

Mesa County has many types of data that have been built, purchased and developed over the years.

Building a Digital Parcel Base

In 1995 when the GIS department (2 people) needed to develop a digital parcel base for the County, we went out to bid to find a contractor to accomplish this project. We had approximately 420 hand drafted assessor parcel maps showing 54000 parcels in 3300 square miles. Within this area the City of Grand Junction had been maintaining a digital coverage (AutoCAD format) for 22,000 parcels in the City and surrounding area of about 45 square miles. We contracted to have the vendor scan, vectorize, build polygons, geocode based on GPS control and build the database for maps outside the City's coverage. The City's AutoCAD files were then combined into the coverage and the County had its first digital parcel base coverage. The entire process took about 1 year. Maintenance and updating has begun on the parcel base and it will soon be the only source of parcel mapping for the County. The establishment of the parcel base has greatly increased the capabilities of the GIS not only for the Assessor's office, but also for other organizations and projects that use data directly tied to parcels. Projects utilizing the parcel coverage include land use studies, County zoning, building permits, future sewer system development, enterprise zone proposals, etc.

Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery

One of the most used data types that Mesa County's GIS has acquired is digital photography and imagery of the County. In 1994 Mesa County, the City of Grand Junction and other local entities contracted to have the Grand Valley area flown, digitally captured and orthorectified for an area of about 175 square miles. These were black and white photos and were digitally captured at a resolution of ¼ meter. They are used as background with our vector data for all types of projects from planning to law enforcement.

In 1996 Mesa County began to purchase digital satellite imagery (IRS1C) for the entire County. These are lower resolution images (5 meter) but have proven to be extremely useful for many projects and applications outside the valley area.

In 1997/1998 Mesa County began a joint venture with the USDA (Forest Service) to fly the entire County with high resolution color photography. Mesa County has contracted to digitally orthorectify over 1099 square miles of our populated and developing areas at a resolution of A½ meter.

In 2001 we had a 450 square mile are flown at 1/5 meter in color, in addition we acquired 2 foot contours for a 350 square mile area in the Grand Valley.

  • In 2001 we also had the entire County (3300 sq. mi.) flown in B&W at 1 meter resolution.
  • In 2003 we had the entire county flown in CIR at 2 foot resolution.
  • We have also scanned and rectified many years of historical photos dating back to 1937.

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